Eating Healthy Exercise

Eating Healthy Exercise

Eating Healthy Exercise is very important. If you want to lose weight and build a better immune system then you will need to change your bad eating habits to a good one. You can eat from time to time some junk food! But not all the time. I have lost about 30 lbs in one month before, but it was kind of a danger our way to lose it this way.

Imagine losing 30 lbs in one month? wow huh? I did it about 4-5 years ago and was not healthy the way I did it. My Vitamins went down very drastically. Vitamin B’s went down the drain and some other problems did arise. The best way to lose weight is doing it slow and know what you are doing.

In order to lose the most weight you need to stop eating so much. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less fried food. Less bad carbohydrates and more good carbs. You must eat some sort of protein too. A well balanced diet will make your body look better and even feel more energized. There is a planning and hard work to accomplish this though. Vitamins must be also used to get all your vitamins for the day.

Lose Weight Now

It is not easy to lose weight, it is dedication, hard work and more pain! Yes, the good pain, where you bring your body to a next level. The next day you should feel some pain. Pain is good when you are starting with that area of your body, after a while your body parts get used to it and no more pain. The first times you might experience soreness and pain; but that is actually good. This means you are doing a fantastic job!

That is why I have created this website, just to give you a tool and motivation to continue or start your exercises. Your immune system will definitely go up. Your body will reflect it’s changes soon. Your shape will be looking a lot better. Who knows maybe you will be turning heads? Everybody likes to see nice toned bodies, spectacular curves, don’t you?

It is important to start or continue doing the exercises for your body and mind. I recommend 30 minutes everyday, one day you work on your legs, the other on cardio. Maybe on a treadmill, stretching, the other day you lift some weights, yoga, pilates, juminj jacks, jumping, boxing, jump rope, there are unlimited types of exercises you can do at home.

Home Fitness

I also recommend browsing online on video sites, social sites for new exercise fitness videos. There are lots free out there, just mimic what they are doing and you’ll be fine. Why is my website good for you? because it gives you a social site where you can post and share all your images and videos. Records your body stats and keeps a record. Update your body records just to give you the information to see your advancements.

Share with our fitness community and also help others reach their goals. Share recipes, detox and diets. Record your food and medicine intake, find fitness plans in our private membership area. Follow and do them and you will do better with your daily exercises. Follow our recommendations and you will have the greatest body shape and immune system.

Sign up today and start exploring our greatest fitness exercise site. Eating Healthy Exercise is the best option you could do. It will be very beneficial to you. Get your entire family to start this and just help them to be better.

Eating Healthy Exercise

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